Unbuilt Washington DC: A Republic’s Monuments

We took a look at unbuilt Moscow the other day and dieselpunks are probably aware of the fantastical architectural visions Adolf Hitler had. (If not, the short version is he wanted to turn Berlin into a neoclassical paradise for 20-feet-tall Aryans.)

But did you know there were some wild ideas for Washington DC as well? Let’s take a look at some of the buildings that were proposed for America’s capital through the ages!

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial by John Russell Pope

Lincoln Memorial by John Russell Pope

The Lincoln Memorial would have looked very different if John Russell Pope had had his way. The architect of Washington DC’s National Archives and Records Administration building, Jefferson Memorial and West Building of the National Gallery of Art proposed this pyramid to honor America’s sixteenth president. Continue reading

Palace of the Soviets: Never-Built Moscow

Detail of a Palace of the Soviets design proposal

Detail of a Palace of the Soviets design proposal

Don’t think Hitler was the only one with grandiose architectural visions. In the 1930s, the Soviets were planning to built a huge Communist Party administrative center and congress hall in the middle of Moscow, on the site of the demolished Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

An architectural contest was held, won by Boris Iofan who submitted a neoclassical skyscraper concept. The building would have been the tallest in the world at the time.

Construction did begin but was aborted when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. The palace was never built and after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the church was rebuilt.

This post is not about the winning design, though. There were many proposals and the sketches and drawings seen here are from one of them: a more traditional, palace-like idea that would apparently also have required a significant reconstruction of the surrounding neighborhood.

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Event review: Elfia Arcen

Elfia 2015 reviewElfia Arcen
What: Fantasy Fair
Where: Arcen castle gardens, Arcen, The Netherlands
When: September 19 – 20 2015
Price: varied, depending on the formula

Just like previous editions of this event, this year’s Elfia Arcen was a fun, varied and diverse fair. I’m using the term fair, because whilst it is in theory a fantasy fair, in reality it has surpassed that label significantly by the sheer diversity of it’s program. They don’t just cater to fantasy fans, but also to fans of sci-fi, pop culture, J-culture and history, which makes that Elfia appeals to pretty much everyone.

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Event review: Coalescaremonium picnic

coalescaremonium picnic group shot

Coalescaremonium picnic
What: picnic in the park
When: Sunday, September 19 2015
Where: Cinquantenaire park, Etterbeek, Belgium
Ticket price: FREE!

To celebrate the upcoming 4th edition of Coalescaremonium, Art Nouveau Noise, Jardin des Poupées, moved their Gothic picnic event to the Brussels area rather than sticking around the Antwerp area. So quite a few people turned up for a fun picnic in the Jubelpark, sharing food, drinks and general good times.

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