Event announcement – Dapper Day Fall Soirée

Dapper Day - DLP - 2015

What: a excuse to wear dieselpunk fashion, whichever style, in Disneyland Paris
Where: Disneyland Paris (mainly the Disneyland Park), Marne-la-Vallée, France
When: Saturday, September 26
Event facebook page
Ticket price: varies, depending on the formula, but basically a regular Disneyland Paris entry ticket. (Link to the UK site, but you should be able to set it to your own country quite easily)

Dapper Day has made quite the name for itself in it’s country of origin, the US, for setting up grand events where people can dress up in vintage styles from the past diesel era (jazz age ’till the end of the cold war), and contemporary chic. They’re probably best known for organising “dress up” (not costume or cosplay!) days in American Disney parks, even though they set up plenty other events.
What is not quite as known, however, is that in the past couple of years a smaller version of Dapper Day has been set up in Disneyland Paris, particularly the Disneyland Park. And that particular event is returning later this month, on the 26th to be exact!

Several meet points for fans of dapper fashions have been set up during the day in the Disneyland Park and Disneyland Hotel (which you can all find on the website), for fans of the style to get together. Basically it’s a fantastic excuse for dieselpunk loving Disney fans to dress up and be sure they won’t be turned away at the gates for the way they dress, and meet like minded fellow fashion enthusiasts. That said, I would be mindful of military and post-apocalyptic styles that could be mistaken for a costume, as Disneyland Paris’ tolerance will only go so far. It is also an event with a strong focus on the chic (by that we mean fancy, not necessarily expensive) so gritty probably doesn’t fit in as it is.

Please note that even though Dapper Day has set a dresscode, it is not an official event by Disneyland Paris itself, and people can get into the park wearing whatever they please (conform to Disneyland Paris’ dresscode). Participants in Dapper Day will have to buy an entry ticket just like everyone else, and as every other day the park will be full with regular visitors, many of whom won’t be dressed up for the ocassion and may come ask dressed up visitors a lot of questions, as Disneyland Paris hasn’t done a very good job of informing people of Dapper Day.
And whilst in one of the promo photos someone is holding a selfie stick, it’s worth noting that all Disney parks have now forbidden the use of such things on the premises. So if you have a selfie stick, make sure to leave it at home ;)

product of the week: atompunk watch

atompunk watchFossil retuns with a second collaboration with British-Japanese designer duo Eley Kishimoto, staying in the realm of atompunk time pieces. Whilst the first collaboration was a wrist watch based on a 1950s kitchen alarm, the “Sweet Reminder” is is based on a 1950s alarm clock, to stay with the theme of home utilities.
Its a lovely, and at the same time practical, hommage to mid-century design, but sadly not a cheap one. Both previous design and the current one are still available from the designers’ webstore and Sweet Reminder can still be found at select Fossil stores worldwide.

From London to Tokyo in 1959

The above clip is from the Look at Life series, produced by the British Rank Organisation from 1959 to 1969. According to the fountain of all knowledge,

The films often depicted elements of the “push button” or “jet age,” demonstrating advances in technology and a reflection on the changing tastes, fashions and trends representative of the so-called “swinging sixties” era, which were often portrayed in a glossy, vibrant and optimistic way.

This clip, from 1959, is a good example.

For more, check out this playlist on YouTube.

Event announcement: Elfia Arcen

elfiaArcen2015announcementWhat: fantasy fair, but not just that!
When: September 19-20
Where: castle grounds of Arcen castle, Arcen, The Netherlands
Ticket price: varied, depending on the formula

Initially the smaller sibling of the already established Elfia Haarzuilens, the end of summer/early fall Arcen Elfia has made a splendid name for itself.
The diverse fantasy fair, including a steampunk camp and a rich program as always, returns to the beautiful Arcen castle grounds, which are a true treat by themselves.
This edition’s program may be Game of Thrones, but rest assured that even those that aren’t fan of the show/book series it’s based on will find plenty to their liking and the theming will be lovely, yet completely optional for visitors.
Make sure to stop by the steampunk camp and the steampop machine, because why settle for normal popcorn if you can have it steampunk style ;)
All jesting aside, it is promising to be a marvellous event full of amazing costumes, fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi and so much more it’s impossible to list here, you have to be there and experience it yourself!

Click here if you want to see photos from last year’s edition to get even more of an idea!