Calling Belgian ‘Punks


I live in Belgium, as quite a few people reading the Gatehouse Gazette already know. Despite the cultural heritage of the country (history, architecture, booze, lack of government and general recalcitrance) steampunks and dieselpunks seem few and far between. There is a steampunk presence in this country the size of a handkerchief, the question is just where.

I know there are about twenty of us in Flanders for sure (hopefully more) and more in Brussels and Wallonia, but when I go to large(r) conventions such as Antwerp Convention or F.A.C.T.S. (which even goes as far as claiming it’s the largest of it’s kind in the Benelux) the record of number of steampunks present seems to firmly rest on eleven.


That’s the amount of actors that has played the Doctor in Dr Who. I’m sure we can do better than that!

So I would like to ask all of my fellow countrymen to go to Smoking Lounge and leave a message there or right here via the comments. Get in touch people! Especially with EuroSteamCon being organized it would be most excellent to get together. It doesn’t mean whether you speak French, Flemish, German or another language, just come and say hi!


  1. Well there’s nothing wrong with that Jack, but that’s still no excuse not to just say hi 🙂
    If I’d meet up with steampunks in Belgium and they want to show up in blue jeans and a t-shirt so to speak because they’re not interested in the fashion part of the movement then I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all.

  2. We will ne travelling between Belgium and Amsterdam during 3 Nov and 13 nov. Amy suggestions on steampunk ? We have a shop in the states and always love to meet new people and to
    Thank you

  3. Hi Lee

    Could you please let me know which cities in Belgium you’ll be visiting? That makes it so much easier for me to make suggestions.
    I can’t speak for Amsterdam as I’m not familiar of that town, you’ll have to speak to the Dutch Steampunks for that (perhaps Nick might be able to point you in their direction).

    I’m not aware of any events happening between that time I’m afraid.


  4. Hey,
    I’m Bob, 17, almost 18 years old and live in the province of Antwerp.
    I am very intrested in Steampunk but do not have the means, money or creative skill to make clothing. I can however make things that require a work bench and simple to a bit more advanced tools, but do not have all the materials. It is nice to hear that there are steampunkfans in Belgium.

  5. Greetings.
    I know this post is old,
    but the same problem seems to still dominate our country
    named Belgium, namely: the few people interested in the steampunk culture (although the numbers have grown quite a bit) are spread out across the country and don’t seem to find each other.

    I represent Artifakt. The new Belgian division of an already international (France, The Netherlands, Germany, England, …) group of Steampunks called The Steampunk Objective.
    Currently, our numbers are growing. Slowly, because the group has only been publicly announced this week, but they are growing.

    Give me a holler if you want more info, or meet up sometimes.
    I will also be at the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens (NL)
    and Antwerp Convention (BE) this month.

    (contact: /
    or facebook, I’m easy to find.)

  6. I’m going to EFF (the Sunday) and Antwerp Convention as well 🙂
    Not sure what I’ll be wearing on Antwerp con though (steampunk yes, but not sure what kit yet), it’ll depend on the weather 🙂

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