The Art of Paul Roman Martinez

Lighter than air travel, it's possible!
Lighter than air travel, it’s possible!

Paul Roman Martinez is a renowned dieselpunk artist (in the dieselpunk community anyway) who’s started showing off his work at the blog Kopetkai. The beautiful deco image here is just one example of his great artwork.

Dieselpunk enthusiasts may know Martinez as the man behind The Adventures of the 19XX, an online comic that’s set in the 1920s and features a league of extraordinary gentlemen banded together to prevent the outbreak of another Great War.

From Martinez’ own description,

Their mission is to track down every powerful relic, every modern and undiscovered weapon, and every magic incantation ever uttered on the Earth’s crust, because the forces of evil responsible for the next Great War would be searching for the very same thing. Nothing in the realm of the tangible or intangible is off limits when the fate of the entire world is at stake.

Gems at his personal blog include art deco style posters of BioShock Infinite, “A Night in Monte Carlo” and the lighter than air zeppelin displayed in this post.

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