El Investigador Publishes 9th Edition

El Investigador #9
El Investigador #9

The ninth edition of the Spanish language steampunk magazine El Investigador can now be read online! The issue is dedicated to analysis to try to uncover what exactly steampunk means to different genre enthusiast. An excellent topic!

“We do not expect to limitate the world,” the magazine writes, “to put barriers in place and say, this is and this is not steampunk.” It is encouraging readers to think about the different ways in which to express themselves as steampunks.

There’s an interview with dieselpunk artist Sam Van Olffen in this edition of El Investigador. You’ll recall, we interviewed Sam for the eighth issue of the Gatehouse Gazette and featured one of his astounding illustrations in the September edition.

There’s also a spectacular feature about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and an article about “The Dilemma of Steampunk Music” by Peter Zarate.

Click here or on the thumbnail to download the magazine!

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