The First Pan-European Steampunk Convention


The steampunk scene is growing in Europe. When you explore the ætherweb, it is hard not to notice the presence of steampunks from the Straights of Gibraltar to the Urals and from the Arctic Circle to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alas, all the different scenes have thus far been local affairs, the same is true for events. There have already been a number of events in Spain, in France, in the UK, in Germany, in Poland. Sometimes steampunks from neighbouring countries hear about it and come along, but there has not been an encompassing event to connect all the scenes across the continent.

It is our vision to change this. The EuroSteam Convention will connect steampunks, dieselpunks, atompunks and everyone who is interested from every part of Europe. 

Our primary goal is to get as many parties, get-togethers, pub moots and other events going on the same day and link them all via the æther.

Our dream is to get one or maybe more major events going, a place for steampunks from everywhere to gather.

Since the EuroSteam Convention is planned to partially happen on the ætherweb, we of course welcome visits from ætherweb-exploring steampunks around the globe.

The call for participation has already gone out and we literally have people wanting to participate from Norway to Italy and from Spain to Russia. Pip Ballantine, author of Phoenix Rising, has signalled interest in the convention, so right now, we are going strong.

But there are still places we have not heard from, yet. We need help spreading the word. Some of the team have blogs and forums, but not everybody reads our blogs and visits our forums.

This is where you come in. Tell your friends about the EuroSteam Convention, blog about it, tweet about it.

If you can contribute, if you are a musician, a DJ, a technician, if you know, own or have access to a great location, get in touch. Let us work together and create the first European Steampunk Convention!

Please visit the official homepage and like us on Facebook.

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