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Now that my trusty old column, “The Steampunk Wardrobe,” is no longer in roulation due to the discontinuation of the Gatehouse Gazette magazine, I shall provide handy information for steampunks and dieselpunks alike on here from on. I will aim, or at least attempt to as college and life may get in the way, to put up a weekly post providing you all with finds on popular websites for all kinds of budgets. After all, there is more out there than shops on (by all means, nothing wrong with , do check it out, it’s a veritable treasure trove!) and the like.

My point is to provide pieces that are wearable with a steampunk or dieselpunk outfit, but that are also wearable in daily life where possible. And this from the latest arrivals from several chains. Of course there are other stores such as Forever 21 and Target, but seeing they update on the fly and don’t tell you exactly what they’ve been updating, you’ll have to canvas those yourself.

Sadly I can’t provide a photo of everything, but even with just a description people should have an idea of where to look.

Without any further delays in the form of me waffling, here we go:

Dieselpunkesque military jacket from H&M
Dieselpunkesque military jacket from H&M

H&M is well forseen for steampunk and dieselpunk alike this season, especially for the dieselpunk to be precise. The men’s wear department is positively lousy with excellent finds, ranging from tweed hunter style country blazers to blazers that look like they escaped from a James Bond movie (that one also comes in all black by the way). Aside from that they have awesome t-shirts with technical statistics of an airplane or a zombie pilot. Aside from that they have excellent military style jackets.

And due to the festive season being around the corner, they also have skinny ties and bow ties (of variable quality, some is really quite dubious). For the women amongst us: I would advice getting them out of the children’s department as those are far cheaper.

Spanish chain Pull & Bear has the most excellent pair of brown men’s trousers in stores, with their own button braces. Sadly no photo on their website, but if it sounds like something you’d like and you have a P&B near you, do pop in.

Decathlon, of all places, has excellent cardrige belts and bandoliers in leather in their hunting department, and two kinds of fabulous Victoriana boots (the first comes in black and brown and then this one with insets of a tweed print) and a pair of black lace up boots, as well as partly leather spats, in their horse riding department. This just goes to show that you can find good gear in the strangest places.

ASOS blazer with elbow patches
ASOS blazer with elbow patches

Asos’s women’s wear department will no doubt render the female Doctor Who fans amongst us very happy with this particular blazer.

New Look‘s women’s section has a lovely Art Deco dress, for those in to the later days of steam or the earlier days of diesel. Speaking of dieselpunk, they also have an aviator style jacket, which is now nicely discounted.

Top Man is also playing into the new country style pieces with a blazer and a matching waistcoat. Personally I think the version of that blazer that H&M has is far nicer (and not to mention cheaper), but that’s of course just my opinion. For the fans of long coats in a more blazer style cut, they also provide a model in both black and brown.

If you’re looking for accessories, Etsy would be my first recommendation, but places such as Top Shop and Asos have lovely bags in stock. If you’re looking for faux fur accessories, Asos is also the place to look. Their women’s accessories section has fabulous fake coat collars that would work just as well on a gentleman’s coat. So it goes to show, looking in the departments of the gender that isn’t your own may pay off. The same goes for the children’s department, their largest sizes are often very suitable for adults.

That’s it for this week, hopefully until the next for more fashion finds!


  1. So the Gatehouse is no more? It would figure, as soon as I discover it, it no longer exists. Steampunk nostalgia for things that no longer exist? My condolences. I look forward to that time when I will have internet access in my apartment and will be able to take a more active part in the community.
    In regards to your statement about costuming – have you ever visited Gettysburg PA? I live here and, surprisingly, there are NO steampunks! (or goths for that matter) in this area. Very startling, realizing that we are the site of the Largest Civil War land battle. Why are there no steampunk events, hangouts, or shops in Gettysburg? (This is a rhetorical question).
    If you are looking for American Victoriana clothing and accessories, give Gettysburg a visit. We have several businesses that are referred to as “sutlers” that sell Civil war era military and civilian reproductions. And if you visit, give me a shout out and we shall meet up for luncheon!
    Lord Mordred.

  2. Lord Mordred,

    The goths ans steampunks hung out in York, then Lancaster, then they nested in Philadelphia and DC. Take a field trip to Dorian’s Parlor or ShadowLands sometime and I’m sure you’ll find a brassy friend.


  3. Mr. Ottens,
    Yes, gladly the Gatehouse itself is still here – and I am able to “speak” with others of similar interest, and for that I thank you. I speak merely of the demise of the magazine, which, once printed out, was able to be enjoyed over a glass of wine in my clawfoot bathtub. (One of the benefits of renting in Historic Gettysburg – a 1930’s rental!) Thankfully the blog is still here, now all I need is an internet connection in my house – I’m experiencing a “lack of funds” situation at the WORST possible time of year for such. I look forward to interacting more with everyone once I am able to get online more regularly.
    Tome, thanks kindly for the heads-up. Unfortunately, I know not of that of which you speak. Shadowlands, is that New Jersey? I seem to recall something about that. I have begun to wonder if a steampunk weekend event in Gettysburg PA might be something worth planning – I’m a degreed special effects tech and one of the services I offer is event planning. . . . At any rate, there is NO lack of Victoriana in this area, however, I find myself desperate for human contact once again. I look forward to that opportunity to get to know everyone further, be it online or in real time.
    Sincerest regards,
    Lord Mordred

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