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Tardis scarf by Binary Winter Press
Tardis scarf by Binary Winter Press

The next, and much anticipated, Doctor Who Christmas special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, is nearly upon us.
And because of that, I shall make this week’s fashion post completely centered around Whovian fandom and all the epic things thereof suitable for the steampunk and dieselpunk fan of everyone’s favourite Doctor.

For starters, one can not go wrong with a dash of colour in ones outfit, so how about this stylish “Bigger on the Inside” scarf or tie by Binary Winter Press (who have lots of suitable gear for Steampunks by the by).
Another great stop for both t-shirts and scarves is Geekiana.
For those that like subtlety in their accessories, Mister Mostaccio has some really nice leather bracelets printed with Whovian texts such as “Alons-Y” and “Bow Ties are cool”.

For excellent t-shirts using Whovian parodies on the famous British “Stay calm and carry on” posters from WW2 have a look at Vortex Trading Company.

Threadless also has some excellent t-shirts for both men and women, such as this TARDamask and this insanely awesome Dr Who men’s t-shirt or unisex hoodie called Doctor Hoo.

And of course the usual geek shops such as Think Geek have a variety of t-shirts also, just go their website and do a search on Doctor Who and you’ll find all kinds of clothes and gadgets. They restock pretty often so if something is out of stock it’s bound to reappear. Or you at least know how it looks and can start tracking it down on the almighty Google. For those looking for replica costumes such as the 10th Doctor’s trench coat, Captain Jack Harkness’ coat, the 11th Doctor’s blazer or bow tie, this is also the place to go but beware, they are expensive. And frankly I think you’re just as well off buying a burgundy self-tie bow tie at some place selling men’s wear accessories.

A little on the pricy side is this blazer from Asos. Sadly only available for women, but for all those girls dressing up as the Doctor it may be a perfect fit. Please note, they seem teeny tiny on the model, but I know from personal experience that they’re not as small as you would think. Stick to your usual dress size if you order one.
Places like H&M or P&C (Peek & Cloppenburg) do them in their men’s wear department though, so the men who want one need not despair, they just need to go check out high street chains.

Want to do it yourself (I know I did!)? Have a look at this epic Dalek and Tardis fabrics on Spoonflower. If you do a couple of searches on Doctor Who terms on there, you’ll find plenty more Whovian fabrics.


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