Larry Amyett, Lord K Create Own Dieselpunk Encyclopedia


Remember, I wrote about the “dieselpunk” entry at Wikipedia being deleted, again, last month without proper review. It isn’t the first time it’s happened. Apparently, dieselpunk isn’t “relevant” enough to require its own Wikipedia page.

We begged to differ and so did Larry Amyett and Lord K, two prominent dieselpunks who have both been published in the Gatehouse Gazette and are members of Tomy Wilson’s Dieselpunks community. In true dieselpunk spirit, they set up a Dieselpunk Encyclopedia of their own.

It salvages parts from Wikipedia‘s “dieselpunk” page from before it was removed and I’m sure they can use help expanding it, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment there and volunteer your services!


  1. I’m not a dieselpunk, but I’m happy to help out. I’m sure I have some photos etc in my flickr that might be suitable and of course there are my dieselpunk fashion articles for the Gatehouse Gazette I’m happy pass on to them etc.
    I’m sure I can make myself useful 🙂
    So yeah, if Larry and K want my help, I’m here to help out 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting about our project and the kind words, Nick. We would love for help from anyone interested. It’s not ready yet for prime time but we hope to roll out to the public something presentable soon.

  3. Hello Mr. Ottens,

    our Dieselpunk Encyclopedia is pretty much alive now. Along with ‘academic’ articles we publish short essays and galleries. In the meanwhile, there’s only two blogposts, more to come in a few days.
    Thanks again for your support.


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