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Harness belt from TopShop
Harness belt from TopShop

Rejoice, for TopShop is finally stocking harness belts again. In tan and nude leather in fact. Being fast may be necessary as the last time they stocked them they were gone in a couple of days.

They also have this shopper bag, which is nice looking and can be incorporated into a proper steampunk outfit, something casual and still used as day-to-day accessory. And for those looking for a nice leather satchel good to go with daily outfits, you may find this interesting.

Do check out Fossil. They are on the pricier side of things but if you want an excellent quality bag that you will be able to use under every circumstance for absolute years, they are the place to go (my husband and I own bags from respectively their Vintage Reissue and the Lineage collections ourselves). Not everything on their site is ‘punk of course, but they offer a very wide choice, which is better than most brands do. Aside from bags they have a whole range of other accessories, clothes, footwear and watches where you may find some other bits and bobs to your liking.

Top Man is still good for ties, bow ties, classic suits and pocket squares and some shoes. But for the rest it’s mostly modern and unsuitable bits and bobs.

Asos on the other hand, has his lovely hip bag. This pair of cute handwarmers could be good for a myriad of personas, no one likes cold hands in winter.
For the fans of the roaring Twenties, this headband may be something for you. There’s a couple of nice bags that could work well with more militaristic dieselpunk styles in their men’s section, namely this one and this one.

Accessorize often has nice jewellery and bags suitable for steampunk and dieselpunk needs, so checking out their website (if you do not have a store near you) is well advisable.

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