Prep and Landing

Prep & Landing poster
Prep & Landing poster

Back in 2009 ABC network commissioned Disney/Pixar to make them a Christmas special, and that spectacular fun filled story full of steam- and dieselpunk elements is now finally internationally available on DVD! (It’s sadly still waiting for the sequels but hey, at least we can get the first one now.(

Meet Wayne, codename Little Drummer Boy, who has been a member of the stealthy and elite Prep & Landing squad for so many years, centuries in fact, that he’s had enough of his job and looks forward to a promotion. Instead he gets stuck with a new partner: the jittery ever well meaning rookie Lanny (codename Tree skirt). Will Lanny get Wayne to enjoy his job again? And can they help Santa land safely and deliver a magical Christmas to a small child hoping it’ll be the best Christmas ever?

Aside from this main story it also features a bunch of bonus shorts, which are all equally fun and amazing (or should I say tinsel?) as the original.

I would definitely recommend this to fans of animation of all ages and especially Pixar as this is definitely a fine example of their work. It definitely ranks up there with their classics such as Wall-e, Monsters Inc, Up! or the Toy Story trilogy. And if you love Christmas, well then you definitely have to see this, because of the original take on traditional holiday stories that Pixar provides on this DVD.

Don’t forget to check out the Disney Insider page for this feature, as it hosts a myriad of free downloads in vintage styles that is also featured in the movie and shorts. And if you love crafting (with kids) then this link will also provide you hours of (free) Prep & Landing entertainment.

Official ABC website where you can watch free episodes that aren’t on the DVD and play games.

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