Stefan’s Spectacular Dieselpunk Artworks

Serie Noire artwork by Stefan
Serie Noire by Stefan

It’s been a while since we checked in with our pal Stefan so I figured it’s about time I share a couple of his latest artworks with you. He is, after all, in your correspondent’s opinion anyway, the most emblematic of dieselpunk illustrators out there who’s done more to give the genre its “look” than any other digital artist.

Stefan’s been hard at work recently compiling a coffee table book that should appear in French early next year. Allow me to quote from the announcement that was printed in the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette:

For the first time, gathering images from the past years as well as new visuals, his work will be available as a book. With a foreword by no other than Nick Ottens himself [as well as Tome Wilson] and titled Diesel City, Fiction Reveals Truths Reality Obscures, the book is an hypnotic dive into the dark, midcentury stuck world of a city empire on the brink of war.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’m sure we’ll have more on that soon.

In the meanwhile, to see more of Stefan’s work, visit his blog at Dieselpunks.

Nick Ottens is the chief editor of The Gatehouse. An historian by training, he now works for an international consultancy and writes about political and international affairs for the Atlantic Sentinel.

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