El Investigador Publishes 11th Edition

Cover of El Investigador #11
El Investigador #11

The Spanish language steampunk magazine El Investigador released its eleventh edition this month. It’s pirate themed but with a retrofuturistic twist.

Says Araceli Rodríguez, editor, “We see the pirates as if they were heroes, villains having fun and brave adventurers, but that’s only the romantic side.”

A pirate certainly wasn’t worried about his appearance. During the voyage there was no way to take a bath, only with salt water from time to time. When they ran out of food, they ate each other, lost limbs, suffered from scurvy or fever in the best case. How many who call themselves “pirates” in the retrofuturist scene are aware of this?

It doesn’t matter whether you travel by sea or sky, the magazine says, although we’d like to pretend that airship travel is spectacularly comfortable. Not the pirate life, in any event, as El Investigador reminds us.

They have a review of Mireile Calmel’s Lady Pirate: Les valets du roi in their latest edition and one of the Victoriana role-playing game as well as an article about ghost ships such as The Flying Dutchman. Download for free and enjoy!

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