The Week in Fashion


First of all: happy 2012 everyone!

The sales are currently ruling shops, so if you can stand the crowds, now is as good a time as any to go inspect what’s on offer. You may get some really cool stuff seeing several shops (both high street and more expensive) had some really good bits and pieces in their collections the past season. You never know what you may be able to snag.

This week the La Redoute mailorder catalogue landed in my letterbox. Why it’s in there is beyond me but I leafed through it and was surprised to see that for the upcoming spring/summer season there’s some basics that you could incorporated into a basic steampunk outfit. One can never have enough basics that can be worn daily after all. Especially in summer, when things can get hot.

The problem sadly is that I have the Belgian catalogue, so you’ll have to google for the site available to you yourself. I can, however, give you some brand names to look at: Bande Originale has some lovely assymetrical and deconstructed items. Mostly skirts and dresses. Active Wear has some nice military style jackets for both men and women. Make sure to check out the women’s jacket section as that has some really good things. Sadly for the men there’s not much worth mentioning in there.

Asos is coming through this week with some footwear for the gentlemen amongst us. They’ve got some great new additions to their brogues & derbies collection.

In the women’s department there’s the arrival of a variety of vintage style sunglasses. The link goes to their sunglasses section so be prepared for some random stuff. They also have this 3 strap harness belt and the 4 strap version thereof. Personally I think they make for a nice variety on the standard harness belt. This model seems like it would be flattering on more body types than the traditional model which goes under the buste and over over the shoulders. Of course it’s all a matter of personal preference with these things.

Topshop also seems to be mainly interesting for accessories this week with this barrel bag that is reminiscent of the vintage style doctor bags. They’ve also still got one model of harness belt in stock, a more traditional one than the one sold by Asos.
Dieselpunk women going for a femme greaser look may find this and this jacket interesting though.

Topman has this satchel and briefcase style bag.
Of course if you’re looking for a real English schoolbag style satchel you need to direct yourself at the Cambridge Satchel Company. Just beware: there is a waiting list and they tend to chafe clothes, just so you know (but so do many cheaper bags so yeah). Great sturdy bags, not so nice for your wallet and some clothes (I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on wool and most fragile fabrics but so far I’ve not had problems on cotton, leather and cheap ass H&M t-shirts and high quality lycras).

Forever 21 has this military style coat new in. For the dieselpunk women there are this wide leg sailor pants. And then there’s these boots, I’ve seen them in the store in brown and black as well, so if you have an F21 near you, I’d pop in and have a look if you like them and would like them in a different colour.

If you’re in need of a pair of leather gloves for winter and are lucky enough to live in a country that has Hema then I’d advise going there. They have a lot of colour and size options and they’re cheap. An alternative to that is Veritas.

And if you’re looking for a new pair of specs and have the cash to throw at them, I recommend the brand Theo. Especially now that they’ve just gotten quite a few vintage style frames in. Aside from that, they tend to think slightly more out of the box so you’d be sure to find something to your liking.

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