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"Sew Iconic" by Liz Gregory
"Sew Iconic" by Liz Gregory

Ever wanted to make an iconic dress such as Marilyn Monroe’s infamous white dress? Or maybe Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Then you should definitely look into “Sew Iconic, How to make 10 Classic Hollywood Dresses” by Liz Gregory.

The book contains patterns for all dresses, notes on the actresses that wore these famous garments, the person that designed them, the movie they featured in and the dress itself. Together with a very extensively detailed set of notes on how to go about making these dresses and making them fit to your own body.

Even though not every pattern is suitable for a novice seamstress, they take the effort of explaining step by step what materials you’ll need, how you’ll need to measure yourself, and how to go about the creation every single step of the way. Even (more) experienced seamstresses may find this interesting.

You may notice that some dresses aren’t that true to the original, but keep in mind that costume designers on a movie set often have fabrics specially made for that movie and that the exact fabric simply is not commercially available. I think it’s admirable they are doing the best they can with the means they have to give people the opportunity to recreate a well known Hollywood movie dress.

Fans of both steampunks and dieselpunks will find that there are garments inside the pages of Sew Iconic for them: from Marilyn’s white dress, to Kate Winslet’s beautiful Belle Epoch Titanic gown and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ flapper dress from Chicago, this is definitely worth checking out if you can and love to sew or wish to pick it up.

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