The 11th Doctor’s Nano Recorder

Doctor's Nano Gun And Voice Recorder
Doctor's Nano Gun And Voice Recorder

We’ve all seen the countless, and often truly epic, customised toy guns. Ranging from Nerf weapons to dime store water pistols, generally almost anything can serve as a basis for a brilliant ‘punk weapon. I’m saying ‘punk because steampunks and dieselpunks alike can find good use for firearms.

Of course that leaves the question: do you customise them yourself or do you ready buy? Both have their up and down sides.

Store bought toy guns are generally coated with a sheer primer coat, making them look smooth and pretty, but making it impossible to just paint over them. Insert the sandpaper (and where possible, a dremel) and a shit ton of manual labour. If you don’t mind putting in the time and effort, you’ll soon enough end up with a gun of your own customisation.

If you don’t have that time (or patience), there’s always the buying option. Guns come in price ranges going from reasonable to expensive to “oh my lord I need to win the lottery stat!”.

So aside from my normal fashion and reviewing stuff, I’m going to start to take the time out to talk about ‘punk weaponry here when I come across it.

Ready bought of course, because I must admit that whilst I am happy to sew together elaborate outfits and costumes, I sadly have no patience to customise my own guns.

Today’s subject is the 11th Doctor’s nano recorder. Which made it’s appearance in the second episode of series 6 of Doctor Who if I’m not mistaken. It not only looks the part, it also has some cool features such as light and sound effects and allows you to do a voice or sound recording of 10 seconds. It comes with a pretty comprehensive manual for a toy, which is good seeing all the features. It’s not that expensive (generally you can find it cheaper than your average sonic screwdriver) and small and lightweight enough to easily carry around.

Due to it’s look, battered dark grey, it fits in with all kinds of outfits easily ranging from steamgoth, steampunk and dieselpunk. Its of course made out of plastic, but it seems sturdy enough and it doesn’t look too fake as long as you don’t go inspecting it from very close up because then you’ll of course see the factory printing on one side.

All in all, it’s a good buy in my opinion. It has some funky effects, it’ll keep you amused, looks good and is affordable on top of all that. I personally think that even those that aren’t fans of the series could appreciate this one just for it’s look and features.


  1. What a nice and wonderfull idea!!

    No. Im not talking about the Doctor´s weapon, I meant that the weapons will be inclued in a more or less regular analysis.

    Many think that the DIY it´s all and I disagree.

    Maybe for my lack of capacity to make or modificate weapons I think that is not a matter of do by yourself, I think that there are many ways to do things…

    Anyway you give me a wonderfull idea, thank you 😉

  2. Brilliant! I’ll be keeping an eye on your posts. Love me some gun smithing, I surely do (strictly for costume enhancement purposes, of course).

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