El Investigador Goes Dieselpunk Again!

Cover of El Investigador's second dieselpunk issue
Cover of El Investigador's second dieselpunk issue

The retrofuturist monthly magazine for Spanish speakers has gone dieselpunk again.

In its first dieselpunk issue, published in March, experts talked about the essence of the genre’s philosophy, tasted its flavors and covered art deco and dieselpunk style.

To do any retrofuturism, it is necessary to observe the past with a visionary’s point of view but without losing sight of the present because this is what we build our future on.

Some may think that El Investigador is going too fast in putting out a second special dieselpunk issue because it does not have a lot of followers in Spanish. However, for the Mercenarios de DIOS collective, the only limit for retrofuturism development is a lack of information. That is why we try to give as much information as possible, in order to be understood by the reader who is attracted to any retrofuturist style and wants to go beyond the aesthetics.

In this issue, you’ll find a great article about pinup girls, the art of a brand new graphic novel from Chile called Der Stahl Projekt, and in the column Abordo del Condottieri, the director of the magazine talks about the Sindicato Dieselpunk, a Spanish language initiative that has become an international group.

So, books, music, experiments and more! Read the magazine online or download it for free on the new El Investigador’s blog.

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