How Are You Celebrating Steampunk Day?


Participate in The Gatehouse‘s Steampunk Day Contest and win a copy of Stefan’s new dieselpunk art book Diesel City!

Today, June 14, is International Steampunk Day and we would like to know how you are celebrating it. Write in a single paragraph what you are doing on Steampunk Day, preferably attach a photograph, and send it to The most creative or outrageous submission will be awarded with a copy of Stefan’s Diesel City, released this month.

Cover of Stefan's Diesel City
Cover of Stefan's Diesel City

The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog has described Diesel City as a “mind boggling, stupendous piece of dieselpunk art.” Dieselpunk Encyclopedia says “this handsome volume is created to become your guide” to the world of dieselpunk. Larry Amyett of the Dieselpunk blog calls it the “most amazing” books he’s ever seen. “The art combined with the noir style writing is simply astounding.” Steampunk News praises it as “as one of the seminal works of the dieselpunk genre” and is “confident that anyone wishing to understand (and be inspired by) dieselpunk will thoroughly enjoy this outstanding work!”

There are just one thousand copies of Diesel City out there so this is your chance to get your hands on this fabulous volume!

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