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Palladium boots
Palladium boots

I haven’t done these in a long while because spring/summer fashion simply wasn’t very steamy or diesel all in all. Sure there were bits and pieces here and there that disappeared as soon as they hit the stores (like H&M‘s little black dress with all over key print).

But with fall/winter fashion slowly appearing, and hopping back on the proverbial steamtrain (and diesel one for that matter) the next season does look promising. As is the case with these things, the catwalk is bound to start sneaking into high street fashion.

If this is true, the gentlemen amongst us really have things to look forward to.

Steampunk and dieselpunk influences with D&G.

And with Prada.

And of course, for those wanting to shop right now, there are some finds.

First of there is this design on threadless, which is on sale.

From the same shop, this awesome mechanical owl print.
They’re selling out fast though.

Now we’re on the subject of t-shirts, Amorphia Apparel has some great stuff. Not only their science! series but also their very whimsical sir critter. Good for summer, although I would recommend rinse washing and air drying to keep your print in optimal condition (that’s what I do with my husband’s t-shirt from there, it’s held good for years).

For those looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers and boots, I recommend Palladium. They’ve got several models (e.g. the Pallabrouse, the Pampa tactical or Pampa peloton) in their range for both men and women that would work quite well with either steam or diesel outfit. Sure they’re a little on the expensive side, but if you’re going to wear your shoes for a prolongued time (and by that I mean more than just at a couple of conventions) then you may as well shell out for something that will last you a good while. I know it’s set on the .de site in the link, but you can easily change your country and if it’s not listed, chances are you can get it shipped to yours (I’m having my order shipped to Belgium from Germany for a very reasonably € 5,50 for a UPS delivery). Another great thing: they come in kid’s sizes too, so that’s handy for the parents out there.

If you have access to La Redoute (google to double check), I would have a look at their stuff. I got their catalogue in the mail yesterday, and there are some really nice bits and pieces in there. Mostly basics (and we all need basics) but also at least one coat and a bunch of different boots in different price ranges. A word of advice: if you buy shoes from their house brand, it’s a bit hit or miss. I wouldn’t guess on the more expensive pairs unless they’re _exactly_ what you need for kit. If you’re only going to need them for a couple of times, sure you could go for a cheaper, nice looking pair of boots because there’s no need to spend a lot of money if you’re only going to wear them once or twice after all. Note: it is a run of the mill mail order site so you’ll have to browse through a fair amount of normal stuff too.

Asos has some fine accessories, some are even on sale:
There’s this fun bracelet, which has beads that resemble bolts.
The brand Matt and Nat have a nice variety of belts. (Note: the link takes you to their belts page on Asos, so not everything is appropriate for steampunk but I’m pretty sure everyone is able to weed out the main stream by themselves just fine).
And some are sadly far too expensive to my liking, such as this cool looking cuff. I’m listing it anyway for those with the budget and taste for this kind of thing 🙂
For the ladies into dieselpunk (or just this kind of glasses): they have a nice pair of catseyes for those that don’t actually need frames prescription wise but still like to wear them.

They also have this harness belt. It’s more strappy and elaborate than the kind of harness belt you usually see, but the price is very reasonable.

For those looking for unconventional belts, this leather cage belt may be to your liking as well. It would especially work well with steamgoth, darker themed outfits or dystopian dieselpunk I imagine.
This Grecian cuff could be nice with a lot of outfits as well, in both a variety of steampunk outfits as well as 1920s style dieselpunk outfits.

And as always: remember to regularly check out your high street stores such as Target, Forever 21, H&M (especially the L.O.G.G. section), Pull&Bear, etc. These places sometimes have some awesome finds, not to mention very good basics (everyone needs basics) that you can wear to build your outfit on or get cheap(ish) to customise into something really cool yourself.


  1. I’ve never had good luck with Threadless. Even if I treat the shirt like some kind of holy relic, the design still comes off a lot after the first or second wash. After three tries, I’ve decided to give up on that company. Has anyone else had the same experience?

  2. I’ve not got personal experience with Threadless, but what I always do with t-shirts like that is to wash them in the rinse cycle of my machine on the lowest setting and then hang them out to dry. So far it’s been a successful method because none of my t-shirts from teefury or redbubble have suffered quality loss (same goes with any of my clothes I wash that way really). So I’d recommend that method.

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