The Soviets’ Instrument of Doom in Red Alert

Apocalypse tank in Red Alert 2
Rendering of an Apocalypse tank in Moscow for Red Alert 2

The successor to the Mammoth super tank that appeared in the first Red Alert game became a staple of the series: the “Apocalypse” truly embodies “Soviet power supreme.”

The Apocalypse tank is the heaviest and most powerful in Red Alert 2. Boasting two forward facing cannons that are able to destroy lighter vehicles with a single volley, including air units, and equipped with ingenious hybrid diesel-nuclear engines, the Apocalypse was designed to meet any opposition and expected to be the last unit standing in battle.

The Apocalypse can operate in any terrain and has quick targeting abilities but moves slowly. In game, it is really only effective in large numbers therefore. Base defenses and missiles would otherwise eliminate it before it comes within range of the enemy.

Red Alert 3 Apocalypse tank concept art
Concept art of the Apocalypse tank for Red Alert 3

The tank was redesigned for Red Alert 3. Although lacking the ability to shoot air units and equipped with lighter armor, the new Apocalypse was still fearsome and it moved a bit faster. It was given a new feature: a magnetic harpoon that drags lesser vehicles under the cutting treads of the vehicle.

When an Apocalypse is promoted to “heroic” level in the game, instead of utilizing conventional warheads, its shells have a mushroom cloud explosion more than double the size it would be ordinarily. This instantly kills any infantry in the area.

Apocalypse tank
Painting of a reimagined Apocalypse tank (Artist unknown)

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