Red Alert’s Allies’ Mobile Bunker: The Battle Fortress

Battle fortress concept art
Concept art of the Battle Fortress for Red Alert 2

We’ve covered only Soviet war technologies in our Red Alert series so far. High time for some Allied firepower!

The “Battle Fortress” apparently started as a concept art for Red Alert 2 but wasn’t introduced as a proper unit until the spinoff Yuri’s Revenge was released in 2001.

The Battle Fortress was essentially a huge armored mobile bunker with machine guns and firing ports for up to five infantrymen. It was so heavy and large that it could crush most other vehicles, including the Soviets’ mighty Apocalypse tank. Due to its slow speed however, these abilities could ever be deployed in combat unless the Battle Fortress was protected by a number of lighter tanks.

The Battle Fortress didn’t return for Red Alert 3.

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