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Upcoming steampunk Disney pins
Upcoming steampunk Disney pins
Good news for the fans of both Disney and Steampunk because US parks Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are coming up with a beautiful range of all new steampunk collectibles.

Wilst Vinylmation figures have already made it unto the shelves it’s the new open edition pins that really attract attention.

And I absolutely agree with Steven Miller of DisneyParks Blog who was the brilliant mind to first blog about these little beauties: they do seem like something that originated at Tokyo Disney.
But you know, they actually might be.

I personally own a Steampunk Mickey Mouse pin that was a gift from a friend who was lucky enough to visit Tokyo Disneyland. The same pin, with minor changes, was released this year (as part of a series that also originated in the Japanese resort) in Disneyland Paris. For those interested: they still sell them at the French parks, though not in all stores and those are € 9,90 if I’m not mistaken per pin.

How much the pins that will be released in November will cost I do not know, I would suggest watching ebay post release as some are bound to show up on there at, hopefully, decent prices.

And for those wanting something distinctively Disney for the Christmas tree there’s good news too with their upcoming Mouse eared hat ornaments, featuring some of the most amazing steampunk designs.
If they made these into real mouse eared hats I’d actually consider wearing one.

Want to know more? The original article, with more images, is here.

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