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Airlords of Airia
Airlords of Airia poster

Airlords of Airia is an ambitious short film project started by visual effects artist Dirk Müller who wants to make a whole movie blockbuster out of it.

Short film has to be financed though and therefore there’s a fundraiser campaign on startnext where everyone can support the project’s crew and make this movie happen! There are only two weeks left to reach the goal of €10,000. So if you want to see a real steampunk movie, go there and support them!

Airlords of Airia is a fast paced mix of science fiction, fantasy and steampunk elements. The film shows an alternate reality in which people, their technology and their world have developed a different direction. The world of Airlords is similar to the ideas H.G. Wells and Jules Verne had in the 19th century about utopias and how the future could be.

You can find more information on their official website.

In addition to the rewards you can get for supporting the film, which range from posters, DVDs to your name in the film or an exclusive meal in Munich, Germany, the Airlords of Airia crew will raffle the airian airship fleet emblem made out of sterling silver and gold by gold- and silversmith master Bernd Schnur (Steampire) You can find more information about the raffle at the project’s blog. So one more reason to support this film!

AIRLORDS OF AIRIA – Crowdfunding from Dirk Müller on Vimeo.

Clara Lina Wirz (aka AyraLeona) is a seasoned steampunk known for her presence at European conventions where she always does her utmost to promote the movement via her, often hand made, outfits. Furthermore she is an avid seamstress, studies Cultural and Social Anthropology as well as Archaeology and is a writing member of The Clockworker.

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