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We’re taking a trip down memory lane in this post to show you what The Gatehouse blog looked like before this version. (There was an intermediary site which only had the articles and a Tumblr image blog. We may have a look at that later.)

The blog, which used the Habari software, started in February 2009 with a team of contributors that included Smoking Lounge message board members Col. Adrianna Hazard, Dr Damon Molinarius, Ella Kremper, Hilde Heyvaert, Redfezwriter and Trubetskoy. In March, Armat of Steampunk Pics joined the team and made his blog part of The Gatehouse. Stefan, who had up until then shared his dieselpunk artworks at deviantArt, became a blog contributor later that year. So did Sean Schönherr, or Sigurjón Njálsson, a Gatehouse Gazette contributor who wrote Golden Era movie reviews under the banner of “Cinema is Cinema” from October onward. He maintained a companion edition for a while as well.

The Gatehouse
The Gatehouse blog, April 11, 2010

Tome Wilson of Dieselpunks started delivering weekly “Dieselpunks news” updates in September 2009 which listed recently added content from his site. Since April, the blog had also featured a weekly “Gatehouse Bulletin” which included dieselpunk and steampunk news too small for a separate entry as well as links to new websites or particular articles.

This incarnation of The Gatehouse, which was online till April 2010, was really the first proper blog version and the first to feature contributions from a group of dieselpunk and steampunk enthusiasts. The great thing is, it’s all still online! Or most of it anyway. You can visit the blog in archive. Don’t be alarmed if some of the links don’t work anymore. The main content is still there. Enjoy!

Nick Ottens is the chief editor of The Gatehouse. An historian by training, he now works for an international consultancy and writes about political and international affairs for the Atlantic Sentinel.



  1. Oh wow, I remember that blog so well, it seems only yesterday that we blogged on that and sat together online on The Smoking Lounge to get organised for the next edition of The Gatehouse Gazette!

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