The First Gatehouse Blog

The Gatehouse
Front page of The Gatehouse, January 26, 2009

The first version of the website that was called The Gatehouse came online in late 2008. There weren’t categories or tags for content but “rooms” which included a “Dieselpunk Parlor,” which had a few articles and an architecture page; the “Colonial Chamber,” an image archive; the “War Room,” also mostly images at first but later expanded with a page about fantastic Nazi war technologies and steampunk Star Wars; and the “Smoking Lounge,” hence the name of our message board community.

In 2009, these rooms were replaced with regularly named pages, except for the Smoking Lounge and War Room, and this section can still be viewed in archive.

The inclusion of news and regular updates of artworks and links contributed to the success of the website. Throughout 2008 and early 2009, The Gatehouse became a premier source of dieselpunk and steampunk information and started to live up to the aim of being a “gateway” for genre enthusiasts to the wider world of dieselpunk and steampunk online.

There wasn’t an elaborate system for comments yet (visitors were directed to the forums) nor a team of contributors but as we have seen, those shortcoming were remedied in February 2009 when the first proper blog came online.

Nick Ottens is the chief editor of The Gatehouse. An historian by training, he now works for an international consultancy and writes about political and international affairs for the Atlantic Sentinel.


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