CD Review: Victor Sierra’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow


The brand new twelve song release of French steampunk band Victor Sierra certainly does not disappoint and is without a shadow of a doubt a fabulous addition to steampunk music worldwide.

With their mix of rock, EBM, ethnic influences and multilingual vocals Victor Sierra delivers another great full album and prove once again that they are an original band and not just in the steampunk scene, but generally seen as well.

Even though the band is French they sing not only in the country’s language but also in German, English and Spanish, which adds for more detail and flavor to their musical storytelling without breaking the coherence in their style and album line-up of the songs.

Speaking of said line-up, the songs are thus organized that you could either play the album in the right order so to speak or set it on shuffle and regardless of which choice you make you will maintain a coherent total of songs that differ from one another, not only by the language of the lyrics but also of the tone, setting and core arrangements themselves.

The amount of attention for detail the band has for their work is astounding, and a tribute to their skill and professionalism.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a fantastic album that thanks to its diversity never bores and has all the makings of a timeless steampunk classic.

I look forward to seeing Victor Sierra perform the new songs live at D.E.S.C. 13 this summer.


  1. Hey Hilde,

    excellent review. Could not agree more, will actually review it on my blog tonight 🙂

  2. Hi Hilde !
    Thank you so much for these words… It helps and supports tons. It means a lot to us, especially when the words come from someone talented and open-minded like you.
    I wish we’ll have some time to talk and have a couple of glasses (beer, wine, champagne, soda, whatever… lol) this summer…
    Thank you so much, I really mean it… I wish you all the best, for you and all yours…
    Love, hope and hug !

    Victor Sierra’s Big Machine

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