A Compact Steampunk Fashion Companion


As people that have read my bio at the bottom of my posts know, I’m a graphic design student. Commercial advertising specialisation. I’m currently in my last year, with my final presentation only days away (wish me luck!).

Anyway, one of the things I’ve made this year is this small lexicon to steampunk fashion. It’s got short explanations with every steampunk fashion style, along with some photos. A Compact Steampunk Fashion Companion is available for free download right here in a handy pdf file.

If you want to print it, you can, heck you can do with it as you please as long as it’s for your own personal use, I just wouldn’t recommend doing it at home considering the costs of print cartridges these days 😉

Many thanks to everyone who helped me out with this, and special thanks to Boaz Zippor who let me use his awesome photos of Mary Miyahara of Strange Artifact and Poorman’s Gold Label for the front and back cover!

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