Book Review: The Rocketeer, Cargo of Doom


The third instalment in the new Rocketeer series returns to us The Rocketeer as we came to know and love him originally. No more chronologically jumbled up short stories by different artists and authors but an all new adventure written by Mark Waid with art by Chris Samnee, who previously participated in The Rocketeer Adventures.

Originally a four part comic story this is the hardcover compilation of the Cargo of Doom story arc, which was previously released as a four part comic adventure by IDW Publishing, who brought back The Rocketeer a couple of years ago. Extras include 36 pages of storyboard sketches and art, which many fans will find interesting. And none of the advertising you see in comic books.

The story is set in 1940, with Peevey’s niece Sally all grown up and working at the airfield with Cliff and her uncle. Betty is still aspiring to be a successful actress and it almost seems business as usual. But then things go awry and soon enough Cliff finds himself in the middle of another adventure with new brave heroes (or are they really?) and dastardly villains out to ruin his day and rule the world and dinosaurs running amok in downtown Los Angeles. Yes I’m being purposely vague, but that’s only because I don’t want to give out spoilers!

Cargo of Doom is a fun, fast paced, nicely drawn and told Rocketeer story of which I believe that the original creator, the late Dave Stevens, would be proud of as it embodies the original spirit of adventure of The Rocketeer as he drew him.

Another good thing about this book is that need not have read Rocketeer Adventures one and two as those are compilations of short stories, but it does help to have read at least the Dave Stevens original stories to be able to fully grasp the characters and going-ons.

In any case, this is comic book pulp at it’s best, and I’m sure that many fans of The Rocketeer and/or the dieselpunk genre will really enjoy this release.

I’m looking forward to see where they’re taking the full scale of this plot myself.

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