CD Review: Nathaniel Johnstone’s Narratives



Nathaniel Johnstone
is back with a new full album and how!
Narratives combines all the best musical skills of Mr Johnstone and friends going from his signature ethnic music suitable for tribal and belly dance (or plain and simple fans of the genre) to beautiful, raw and powerful rock and even new wave. Whatever the genre, this is music at its finest and with this 10 song album 2013 sees another fabulous addition to steampunk music. The vocals, both male and female or a combination of both, always suit the arrangements and melody as well as the fabulous lyrics that testify for the songwriter’s excellent storytelling skills.

Narratives is an album that is both diverse, gripping and suitable for listening to, dancing to or simply playing it in the background to brighten up any room with excellent tunes. Be warned though, this music will make you want to dance and move to the rhythm.

It is clear that the artist challenged his own skills, rose to the occasion and came out a better musician. One worthy of a place at the top of the world’s steampunk artists. It’s great to see an artist successfully pushing his limits, especially when the results are as brilliant as Narratives.

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