Happy International Steampunk Day everyone!


When we celebrated our fifth birthday, she refused any and all cooperation but for Steampunk Day our mascot, Shinto the iguana (it’s not a joke, she really is our mascott), decided to behave and pose for a photo. Well, sit still long enough to plot her escape with my nice leather bow bracelet more like it (Shinto loves wearing bows but she hates giving them back).

Anyway, today is a day for celebration. I’ll be off to the Artifakt Steampunk Day picnic in less than an hour, who else is doing what? Comment, tell us how you’ll be celebrating this year’s Steampunk Day!

The Tokyo Steampunks made a video for the occasion, which you can see below the ofld. Now let’s hear what you are getting/got up to!


  1. Personally, I think of the last Monday before May 25th as the natural steampunk holiday, as that’s the day we (in Canada at any rate) have been officially celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday for the past 168 years. The fact that we’re still celebrating it in 2013 is eminently steampunkish.

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