Aurora: Australian Steampunk Short Film


An Australian steamunk short film has recently been awarded the award for best action movie at the San Francisco Comic Con. An outstanding achievement, very well deserved in deed.

The plot is simple enough:

After his wife Alina is kidnapped by a group of slave traders and put up for sale to the highest bidder, Emerson Marks, captain of the airship ‘Aurora’ flies out in search of her. With his crew’s opinions divided and the ruthless slave trader LeMaher in his way, Emerson must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice in order to bring back the one he loves.

The movie is a blend between CGI and live action, and all the actors have absolutely lovely accents.

To enjoy the whole movie, just click the logo, it is well worth your time and highly recomended viewiung to every steampunk worth his weight in boiler fuel.

Aurora Logo


  1. Good day! I respectfully disagree with you about this movie. It is not worth watching, for it will induce a headache because of the amount of holes in the plot and character follies. Additionally, the staggering height of which one must suspend their disbelief will put your head to spin!
    It is really sad because this film seemed like it had a lot going for it – but I couldn’t keep from face-palming myself over and over again due to the choices of scenes the film makers chose to show us.

    I do understand though that it is very challenging to tell a story in 30 minutes however, were the creators thoughtful in their endeavor they would have made the story even more simple than the synopsis above. The story is literally Taken (with Liam Neeson) set in the Steampunk universe (the creators say in the YouTube comments that Taken was their inspiration for the plot) to me this is another face palm because that means that your aren’t TRYING to make a movie but instead, relying on a formula.

    In closing, I would not recommend anyone watch this movie. It really needs a lot of work and you’ll find yourself annoyed with mouth agape in confusion by the end.

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