Book Review: Spirits from Beyond



I must admit that Ghost Finders has never been my favourite series by Simon R. Green and that I always vastly preferred the other two series set in the same continuum: Secret Histories and especially The Nightside.

But with this fourth instalment in the series, Spirits from Beyond, the series really picks up to that same masterful level of storytelling the author is known for. And he delivers with this excellent work of classic, good old ghost hunter fun that we’ve come to love from the genre without this particular book becoming a style cliché.

The characters are finally fully developed as their own people in this issue, with their own personalities and problems, and the plot keeps on thickening, providing answers here and there but overall leaving the reader with more questions without becoming annoying.

In Spirits from Beyond the Carnacki Institute‘s boss herself sends out her A-team of J.C. Chance, Melody Chambers, Happy and Kim to deal with what was to be a piece of cake: a haunted inn on the country. Of course, things are never what they seem and the team gets caught up in a storm, literally, of phenomena they need to deal with if they want to walk out with limbs, life and even soul intact.

I won’t delve further into the plot, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, just let me tell you that if you love the kind of book where ghosts are the big bad and hunting them is key, without it becoming so scary it’ll give you nightmares, then this may very well be your thing.

Aside from the obvious ghosts and things that go bump in the night, it has inter character interaction that keeps the story “human” so to speak, fun pop culture reference that make you wonder what the hell the author is up this time and one liners that will make you laugh or at least grin in your seat. All elements that add up to another fine book by Mr Green.

A little advise on the series: if you’ve not started it yet, I would recommend reading this series in the right order though or else you will miss out on a lot of fine details of the plot, and you will definitely not be able to completely follow a lot of references in this instalment. That said, if you don’t mind occassionally not being to grasp the full scope of a detail or bit then you can just go ahead and start with this, as it’s not absolutely necessary to read them in the right order, and there is a little “what happened so far” at the beginning of the book for new readers. So up to the reader to decide what to do really!

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