Steampunk Band Ghostfire to Release New Album

Skeleton Coast
Skeleton Coast album cover

Newly careened, impressively armed and fully ship-shape, Her Majesty’s vessel Ghostfire (privateer), embarks from Execution Dock with a freshly press-ganged crew of ne’er do wells, a jib sail full of rollicking tunes and more nautical slang than you can shake a mizzen at.

The “Skeleton Coast” EP boasts original and innovative songs of a seafaring, piratical and darkly nautical nature. It spins yarns of marooned souls and cursed crews sailing haunted waters. Legendary ghost ships The Flying Dutchman and Marie Celeste are abominably real, drunken superstition is rife and only Davy Jones knows what’s lurking on the storm and tide.

Blending their familiar steampunk sound with contemporary, alternative folk leanings, Ghostfire are joined by Nathaniel Johnstone (formerly of US scene leaders Abney Park), on violin. The EP blends shanties, marches and ribald singalongs into four tracks which are both engagingly foot tapping and as deeply hypnotic as stars spinning on the head of a pin.

So pull up a chair by the fire, close your shutters against the fog rolling in from the sea, grab a pint of grog and settle down to listen.

Ghostfire will be putting into a port near you soon.

“Skeleton Coast” will be released September 30, 2013. Visit the steampunk band’s website for more.

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