Fall of Hyperion

Titanomachy by Marcin Jakubowski
The Fall of Hyperion

Hyperion was one of the twelve Titans in Greek mythology who were overthrown by the Olympians, the gods led by Zeus. The epic in which the Olympians battle the Titans is known as the Titanomachy (or “War of the Titans”).

Polish digital artist Marcin Jakubowski chose to depict the myth for the Computer Graphics Society’s 2009 Steampunk: Myths & Legends challenge. In his steampunk’d version of the story, “there is a group of rebels inside the country that starts a revolution against the old system,” he explains. “In that system everything is absurdly huge, overwhelming and truly difficult to live in.”

The painting shows the moment when Hyperion is defeated by one of the Olympians. Both are depicted as giant robot sentinels. “Beneath people trying to leave the rebel city are frightened witnesses of the great collapse.”

Visit Jakubowski’s website Balloon Tree to see more of his work.

Nick Ottens is the chief editor of The Gatehouse. An historian by training, he now works for an international consultancy and writes about political and international affairs for the Atlantic Sentinel.

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