Product Review: Dark Moon LARP wrench


LARP wrench

A lot of steampunks, and dieselpunks alike, enjoy portraying some kind of tinkerer or engeneer.

Of course, carrying tools of the trade is a good way of portraying your persona/completing your outfit. And whilst for steampunk gatherings and photoshoots this isn’t much of a problem as everyone can no doubt locate a hardware store, for conventions and other events with weapon rules, carrying actual tools is generally slightly more problematic as they will simply be denied entrance.

Enter LARP company Dark Moon, who have come up with a sollution from their post-apocalyptic range: the LARP wrench.

It’s a boffer throwing weapon, which means it has no core. That doesn’t really make it much softer than a regular LARP weapon with a core and of course, as always safety rules should be taken into account and followed.

But in any case, as LARP weaponry is generally allowed because it’s so obviously a fake weapon and generally speaking quite harmless. Therefore, this LARP wrench makes an excellent alternative to complete the kit of steampunks wanting to attend an event that will not allow them entrance with a real wrench (or other tool), whilst they still wish to carry one.

As far as boffer weapons go, I really like this one. It’s very sturdy, has a good feeling in your hand, even if you have small hands like me, and it’s well balanced so you can handle and throw it well. It is, however, quite large at nearly 32 cm. It does compensate for size by being lightweight, and I’ve carried mine along in all manner of bags to events without it getting damaged or being a bother at all. Don’t allow pets near it though, because their claws and teeth could easily maul it.


Or if you give it to air krakens, they may just go about playing with it. (mandatory gag photo right there!)

Price wise, it’s generally in the range of around € 15 / $ 20 and it’s carried by most LARP stores. To be fair, the shipping is generally the bulk of the cost. But that aside, it’s a fair price for this weapon, as it’s well made, practical and lightweight. And if you don’t know how to make boffer weapons yourself, it may very well be the sollution to finish your kit for conventions that won’t allow real tools.

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