Richard “Datamancer” Nagy Reportedly Died

Steampunk laptop by Datamancer
Steampunk laptop by Datamancer

Richard Nagy, better known as Datamancer, reportedly died last week in a car crash. This is a terrible loss for steampunk’s maker community, indeed, all steampunk enthusiasts. Nagy in many ways defined the steampunk aesthetic as we know it today. His inspiration will be sorely missed.

As our friend Marcus blogged earlier today, “although relatively few of us knew his face, I guess most of us have seen at least one of his creations. Images of his iconic laptop has been spread far and wide on the aetherweb and has become a symbol for steampunk in and of itself.”

You should also read Gareth Branwyn’s beautiful obituary in Make magazine. Like him, and on behalf of the whole The Gatehouse crew, I’d like to extend my condolences to Nagy’s family and friends.


  1. I too am one of the many who will never get to work with Doc or own a piece of his brilliant art. It is a lesson learned. Appreciate those who are here now. Do not delay anything as we are only on loan here for a moments aether and then gone.

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