“Floating Airports of the Sea”

Modern Mechanics August 1929 cover
Cover of Modern Mechanics (August 1929)

“Ocean stepping-stones in the form of floating seadromes bid fair to cut down the hazards of trans-Atlantic flights.” Thus announced Modern Mechanics magazine in August 1929. It proposed the erection of floating landing fields at intervals of a thousand miles between America and Europe to make passenger flight across the Atlantic possible.

Indeed, the magazine listed three proposals, one of which it put on its cover. It resembled a huge floating lighthouse and would be “equipped with propellers and driving machinery to move it about as may be required.”

A second plan called for supporting floats extending fifty feet beneath the ocean’s surface, “a depth at which the motion of the largest waves is not felt.” Through a system of winches and drums for paying out and dragging in the cables, the airdrome was supposed to move with the wind so that pilots could always land in a breeze.

Another common sense proposal that was sadly never implemented…

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