“Runway for Airplanes Atop Skyscrapers”

Modern Mechanics rooftop runway
Artist’s sketch of turntable runway enabling airplane landings and takeoffs from building tops

Modern Mechanics reported in February 1930 that one New Yorker had come up with a particularly novel way to make the city easier to reach by aeroplane. He proposed to put turntable runways on top of skyscrapers!

The device is declared to offer many advantages over the proposed platforms for such landings. The landing table can be tilted at any angle and swung about in any direction so that the wind is along its axis. The incline naturally serves as a brake on the landing ship and air blasts assist in checking the speed of the landed ship. The turntable would also present an incline which would enable a faster than ordinary take off.

I know the cab ride from JFK to the city can be a drag, but I think I’d still rather take that over risking my life on one of these contraptions. Who was the brilliant/maniac New Yorker who came up with this?

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