Nerf Review: N-Strike Series “Maverick”


Nerf - Maverick

For our fourth review I’d like to address the ultimate steampunk classic: the Maverick.
And I won’t lie, this is without the shadow of a doubt my favourite Nerf weapon, ever.
Even though it’s now discontinued, several stores still have some excess stock left so you _can_ still get your hands on one. I wouldn’t wait too long if you want one mind.
Nearly every single time you see a steampunk with a Nerf blaster, that gun will be a Maverick. It’s old school pistol origins styling as well as the partially extending barrel make it a favourite of many to mod, and mods range from mere external repainting to extraordinary hand canons. Just do a Google (image) search on “Maverick mod” and you’ll see plenty of examples of great modifications. Of all guns Nerf has released, this probably leans itself the best for proper outside modification, more so than the three follow up models of the Strongarm (N-strike Elite series), HammerShot (Zombie Strike series, reviewed here on this blog) and the Sweet Revenge (Rebelle series).
So what exactly makes this gun so great?

The Maverick is based on old west pistols. And then exaggerated into a bulky handgun. It has a rotating barrel that half clicks out when you push down the load button and you can load it that way. It has some great little details, it sits well in your hand and with some practice you can get a wicked aim with this thing.
Like many Nerf blasters it features a tactical rail on the primer part, which isn’t the best place to put it, but there you go. Regardless you can mount a scope or riffle search light (provided they are compatible with Nerf weapons) on there or other bits and bobs you think would look awesome on your gun.
It’s a very versatile weapon looks wise and has been released in a myriad of colour schemes, which are all listed here on it’s page on the Nerf wikia.
The current standard comes in yellow, grey and black, which is pretty dire, but thankfully it’s fairly easy to mod, even with the revolving barrel.

Ready to be modded :)

Firing the Maverick
Push down the load button, click out the barrel, load, click shut, pull back the lever, aim, fire.
And do aim, because even with a scope or search light, this gun is wicked precise with enough practise. Of all the guns I owe, the Maverick probably is the best when it comes to precision aiming.
It holds 6 darts and works with suction cup darts and whistler darts. I’ve not had the chance to test it with Dart tag darts, but as they are largely the same as the aforementioned two kinds of ammo, I’m not excluding it will work with that too. But like I said: I’ve not tried it, so I’m not sure.
I did test Elite darts in it, and that didn’t really seem to work out, so I would advise getting more suction cup or whistler darts whilst they’re still easily available. I’m guessing that won’t be too long anymore sadly, as Nerf seems to mostly focus on Elite ammo for its two new series (Zombie Strike and Rebelle).
Another advantage is that because it is so popular, it is pretty easy to find holsters for it online, so you’ll be able to carry it in comfort without too much trouble.
It has to be said that the Maverick lacks both power and range of the three, earlier mentioned, blasters, so when it comes to a Nerf war this may not be the best gun. If you want to go for looks, reliability (I know there’s a rumour that they jam quite often but neither of mine have that issue at all) and aim, I’d still recommend this gun.
If you’re going for power and range, I would go for the HammerShot. Forget about the Strongarm, it pales in comparison with the latest brother in the line of blaster handguns.

Modding the Maverick.
I covered an example of a Maverick mod in my modding aid post here, so I will direct everyone that’s curious about it to that instead.
There’s also a step by step photolog of the second Maverick mod I did here on my personal blog.
Let me assure you that of all the Nerf barrelled gun mods, this is probably the easiest. It may seem intimidating, but even as a beginner you should be able to tackle this so don’t let anything scare you off. If you feel like modding it, go for it!

These are the final photos of Nerf mods I did, in chronological order for those that don’t feel like clicking the links.

Repainted Maverick

Charlotte's Maverick

Our ratings:
Range: about 20 feet according to the box, I’d say it may be a bit more or less depending on external circumstances such as wind etc.
Design (purely looks wise): excellent, in my opinion the best Nerf has come up with so far for a hand gun.
Modding possibilities: excellent, the sky is pretty much the limit and this is probably the most versatile one options wise in the arsenal.
Easy to load: it takes a few tries to get fluid at it, but once you get the hang of it, yes.
Loading speed: Fair. Slightly slower than loading a Strongarm as that barrel comes out completely rather than half, and definitely slower as loading the Sweet Revenger or Hammershot as their barrels don’t need to be clicked out first.
Ammo capacity: 6 darts, which is one more than the two newest blasters.
Fires: Dart Whistler darts, suction cup darts.

This gun has gotten a little antiquated and outclassed when it comes to Nerf wars, but for a game of Humans versus Zombies and casual shooting fun with friends this will hold up marvellously, at least, that’s my experience. If you want aim and durability as well as a gun that looks brilliant and you can easily find a holster for, then this is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for a fun and easy modding project that is slightly more complicated than the guns that you don’t even have to take apart, again the Maverick will likely be what you’re after.
If you want the ultimate Nerf Steampunk classic: get it whilst you still can.
And you know: if enough of us talk about it and ask for more, they may reconsider the discontinuation and bring it back (or make a proper upgrade in the exact same style). Stranger things have happened 🙂

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