Event announcement: Gala Nocturna


Gala Nocturna 2014 poster

On March 8 of this year, the annual edition of Gala Nocturna, a Gothic Fantasy gala event of international fame, is held yet again in Antwerp, Belgium.

After the venues Chapel of Althena in Kontich and the St-Antonius church in the Antwerp old town, this year’s location is the Marble hall of the Antwerp Zoo, a beautiful art nouveau structure right next to Antwerp Central station.

This year’s theme is La Belle et la Bête, and yes, the dresscode IS very strict but first time visitors are allowed formal evening wear, so in no case you should let the dresscode scare you.
And even with offbrand evening wear and accessories from budget stores or etsy sellers, you should be able to make an amazing outfit that doesn’t break the bank but still works perfectly for this event. The organisation has put up a moodboard for those seeking inspiration.
You can wear steampunk of the aristocratic persuasions of course, and I do look forward to seeing steampunks owning the theme on the grand night!

Tickets are at the moment that I write this € 45 per person (they were € 40 at the start of ticket sales, so get them whilst they can as it will very likely get more expensive and/or sell out).
If you want to go to a Gala event in Europe that centers around historical dance and grand gestures, this one is definitely one to look into.

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