Nerf gun review: Jolt


Jolt review cover photo

Our fifth Nerf gun review is the Jolt.

It’s the smallest gun in the Nerf armoury at this point, and comes in various forms. Some slightly bigger than others, but it remains a tiny gun. Size not withstanding, this is a great, fun little blaster that is good for many hours of entertainment.

It’s also very cheap, I’ve bought N-strike Jolts for less than € 4 in the past, and it’s one of my favourite models to mod because due to it’s size it’s a mod that doesn’t take chunks out of literally several days, but it still has enough detail to it for people to be able to make each model original and different from the other. If you sit down and work through on it, you can probably do it in 3 to 4 hours tops start to finish with pauses for paint drying and breaks.

It’s a great gun for people that want to carry a sidearm that is small and compact and thus easy to incorporate in an outfit or carry in a bag or on a belt.


The Jolt comes in various shapes, colours and slightly different sizes.

There are at this point two standard models. The mostly orange one of the N-strike series and the mostly dark blue one of the N-strike Elite series.

Later this year there will be a re-release of the N-strike Elite version under the Zombie Strike series which will be a kind of noxious neon green with a dart holder on top.
There will apparently also be a Rebelle version of the Jolt that will be white with pink, black, orange and aqua detailing (because clearly, the classic Jolt needed to become REALLY butt fucking ugly. And clearly, there aren’t enough versions of this gun around quite yet, oh no).

Aside from these, there are 4 special edition Jolt guns that are slightly bulkier in the Clue Elimination game, each representing a house from the well known Clue (Cluedo) game.

N-strike Jolt


N-strike Elite Jolt

Nerf N-strike Elite Jolt

Zombie Strike Jolt

Nerf - Jolt - Zombie Strike

Rebelle Jolt

Nerf - Jolt - Rebelle

Clue Elimination Jolt guns

The box opens!

And here’s a size comparison of the lot of them to a Maverick.

Photo of the day: 10.10.2013 (day 283)

Firing the Jolt

Pull back the plunger tube on the bottom, load your dart, aim, fire. Simple as that really 🙂

Contrary to popular belief you _can_ in fact aim really well with a Jolt gun, but it does take some practise. Also, as not all Jolt models are alike, being able to aim well with the one doesn’t automatically guarantee you’ll be able to aim just as well with the other.

Modding the Jolt

It’s actually easy to mod. Just pull out the plunger tube and spray on the basecoat.
Apply another coat manually to make sure all areas are covered properly, apply paint, varnish and you’re done!

Obviously, remove the ammo before you start modding it’s appearance.

Because I’ve modded a fair few of these I’ll share the finished mod photos rather a rundown.
But the process is the same as with every other Nerf mod I’ve posted before.

Should you, want to see a run-down anyway, click this handy link which will take you to my Nerf repainting guide.

Repainted N-strike Jolt guns

Repainted Jolt

Dystopian Jolt

As a small note, to get the matte, dystopian effect on this one I used Citadel Purity Seal varnish. Their new formula, which is beyond matte. Spray your gun with it and kiss any kind of gloss goodbye. Perfect for dystopian weaponry, lousy for pretty much anything else. I’m personally not keen on it, but that’s just a matter of preference really.

Photo of the day: 18.9.2013

As a matter of proof: the black on this gun was glossy, before the Purity Seal happened. Case in point, ‘nuff said. And that was the second and last gun I ever varnished with the stuff. Unless someone wants another dystopian one.

Repainted Clue Elimination House of peacock Jolt, both sides.

CLUE ELIMINATION - modified House of Peacock Nerf Jolt (right side) CLUE ELIMINATION - modified House of Peacock Nerf Jolt (left side)

Our ratings:
Range: it’s pretty good for a gun that tiny, but note that not all series are equally powerful. The Clue guns are less powerful than the N-strike one, which in turn is less powerful than the N-strike Elite.
Design (purely looks wise): excellent
Modding possibilities: excellent
Easy to load: absolutely
Loading speed: as fast as you can put in darts
Ammo capacity: 1 dart
Fires: Dart tag darts, whistler darts, suction cup darts, elite darts (regardless of what model Jolt you own).

Conclusion: the Jolt is a neat little gun. It’s practically small sized so easy to carry along, it’s not the best and most epic gun Nerf has ever released, but it’s definitely one of the most fun guns they’ve ever come up with. It’s also cool as a small prop, and the look makes it suitable for all kinds of ‘punk and then some.

As an actual game gun its probably not great unless you get to bring a final resort last gun in your armory or have a Jolt only event, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

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