“New York to Paris in a Day!”

Cover of Popular Science (September 1925)
Cover of Popular Science (September 1925)

Back in the 1920s, the notion that one could fly across the Atlantic in under twenty-four hours seemed incredible. Hence Popular Science‘s delight when the magazine could report in September 1925 that French aircraft designer and manufacturer Louis Charles Breguet was working on a giant transatlantic plane that would carry passengers from New York to Paris “at a cost less than present passage on large steamships!”

The machine was supposed to be composed of twin bodies and capable of taking off from either land or water. Eight motors should have provided up to 5000 horsepower.

As you look at the artist’s fascinating picture you can imagine yourself boarding the big ship at a New York flying-field, some morning in the near future, soaring out over the sea, plunging through the sky at terrific speed for a day and a night above the vast expanse of ocean, and finally arriving in Paris bright and early on the following morning.

Alas, Breguet’s contraption was never build but glorious it would have been!

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