Support Your Fellow (French) Steampunk!


Abney Park in Paris fundraiser

Considering a significant portion of our readership lives in French, or understands French, I am sharing this particular fundraiser here as well, for it is a good cause for the French community.

The Parisian steampunks, led by Steam Rocket (so it’s in good hands, rest assured!) are trying to raise the funds to be able to organise an Abney Park concert in Paris, which I believe (although I may be mistaken on that one) will be the very first French Abney Park concert should they succeeed.

To get the money together they have set up a KissKissBankBank page where you can choose an amount to support this valiant effort, starting at € 5 donations.

If you want to see Abney Park perform in Paris, or simply can spare a few Euros to support your fellow steampunk, please go here and have a look at the fundraiser website. They have some really cool partners in on the project which makes it extra interesting!

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