Airships “Destined to Carry Mankind Into New Phase of Travel”

Cover of Popular Science (October 1928)
Cover of Popular Science (October 1928)

Popular Science magazine predicted in October 1928 that airships, “even more than airplanes,” would carry man into the skies. Dirigibles, after all, spent none of their power lifting themselves, unlikely airplanes, which spent more than half their energy at the time to just keep in the air.

Moreover, surprising as it may seem, every increase in the size of airships increases also their operating efficiency; that is, less horsepower is required for each passenger. In airplanes, on the other hand, increase in size decreases relative efficiency.

Little wonder Popular Science was so confident although it did not predict the airplane’s demise altogether. “The two modes of travel are adapted to purposes as different as the principles that govern their operation,” it argued.

The frenzied director of large business enterprises, the impatient lover, the individual racing with death to the bedside of a relatively will use, of course, the unrivaled speed of an airplane.

But the magazine had clearly lost interest in the winged machine. “Today,” it concluded, “graceful whales of the airy ocean loom overhead to thrill us.”

Sadly, they would become a little too thrilling not so many years later.


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