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Victorian Picnic

Less then one month separates us from the 23rd Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig, Germany. Between June 6 and 9 the world’s largest Gothic festival takes place all over the city of Leipzig. The main festival area is the old fair area called agra. There are most of the festival’s music acts, as well as the camping area.

The festival itself is a big mixture of music, whether in concerts or parties but also art exhibitions, markets, theater, lectures, picnics and much more.

Currently 170 artists have confirmed their peformance at WGT. You can find up-to-date information about all confirmed artists in alphabetic order here.

Further information on the bands and the newest confirmations can be found here.

Although there aren’t any big steampunk names at WGT this year, it’s still worth visting.

On Friday at 3 PM there will be the ever so famous Victorian Picnic organized by Viona at the Clara-Zetkin Park.

Due to increasing numbers of photographers the organization of the picnic has decided to separate the event area:

ATTENTION: We would like to stress the fact that this is a picnic, a social come-together where like-minded people can meet up and share a great time. To ensure a more “intimate” atmosphere we decided to create 2 ZONES:

PICNIC ZONE: photographer-free and only for guests dressed according to the code.

PEACOCK ZONE: for everyone who doesn’t mind being in the center of attention

Note to the PHOTOGRAPHERS: please respect the dress code or maintain a certain social distance

Steampunk Picnic

Due to similar reasons (too many photographers) the Steampunk Picnic on Saturday, June 7 14.00 has moved it’s location from the park near the Moritzbastei to a park behind the Heidnisches Dorf/agra. You can find further information on the exact location (including a map) at the Facebook event. Some impressions from last year can be found here.

(Friendly Reminder: You don’t need a WGT Ticket to visit the picnic as they take place at public parks!)

But not only the picnics make WGT worth a visit: With the WGT Ticket you can use the city’s public transport for free! They even install a special line the “black 31” (the 13 is already taken 😉 ) which takes you to the main event spots.

Some further information:

The normal ticket costs 99€ and can be bought here.

If you want to sleep at the camping area you’ll need an Obsorgekarte which costs an additional €25. A parking ticket for the event area costs €15. If you are not camping, you usually do not need that ticket as you can leave your car somewhere near a train station and use the public transport with your ticket.

Like last year I can really recommend Sadgoth.com as an additional guide to the festival which addresses especially visitors from outside of Germany.

See you there!

Clara Lina Wirz (aka AyraLeona) is a seasoned steampunk known for her presence at European conventions where she always does her utmost to promote the movement via her, often hand made, outfits. Furthermore she is an avid seamstress, studies Cultural and Social Anthropology as well as Archaeology and is a writing member of The Clockworker.

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