Product Review: Bakker Made With Love


Bakker made with love - canvas and leather

After spending some time looking into a small bag that would be practical for holding just the barest minimum of things at concerts and events I came accross the designs by Bakker Made With Love.

Originally intended for small children to take to pre-school with them, they’ve become quite the rage as handbags for adults (actually more adults than toddlers use them now).
I ended up finding this particular model with some dieselpunk feel to the look.

Sadly I was disappointed with the bag I received.

When I received my bag, it really wasn’t what you’d expect from a € 50+ item.

First of all: on the product photo (shown above) it’s a lovely dark grey. It’s also showing no visible mistakes or errors what so ever.

This is what I got in reality:

My new Bakker made with love bag = fail :(

There are visible creases on the pockets, which is a mistake made when folding the canvas over the lining. This sort of thing should not be happening with a brand that is selling professionally.

It’s also a much lighter grey in reality. I understand all about monitor differences, but this kind of difference seems rather excessive.

If you look at bottom right hand corner, you see much lighter grey stains. In reality (the photo is doing them justice), they are nearly white and every visible.

They are also all over the side.

And all over the back:

See those stains? That's a bag brand new out of the box and packaging. Bakker made with love sucks!

To top all of this, the bag does have a rather pungent chemical odor to it. In short: it stinks, literally. In more ways than one. Now this is the least of the problems because I’m pretty sure I could just leave it outside on the patio for a couple of days, but the point is that I _shouldn’t_.

I paid top dollar, so to speak, for a product, and what I received is faulty.

Aside from the stains, the mistakes and the scent, it seems sturdy enough at first glance.
The inside is lined with a kind of vinyl that should keep what you keep inside the bag waterproof. It also has a small zippered compartiment, but it’s so small it’s pretty useless really.

Obviously I didn’t test it any further as I want to return mine due to the blatant errors.

But those errors aside, it seems alright. Not something worth the price they charge, but alright.

Now in all fairness it does have to be said that not all bags from this brand are faulty.

So IF you still want a bag by this brand after reading this review, I would advise to look into which physical stores near you carry them, and to go to the store so you can actually see the bag you want to buy before you buy it, so you don’t have to bothered with returns.

Another small tip I want to share with people after this shopping fluke: When looking into this brand, I couldn’t find a single proper review, even though the brand has existed for several years.

Their Facebook also doesn’t allow for people to leave comments, so basically they can only contact the brand directly or hope they can solve any problems through the distributor from whom they bought the item(s).

This is a clear red flag, and in the future I won’t shop from an established brand again if there are no reviews available.

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