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The Steampunk Objective's "One Man Airship"
The Steampunk Objective’s “One Man Airship”

Everyone that is a regular reader of The Gatehouse knows The Steampunk Objective. The Dutch based international steampunk collective often setting up encampments to inform people about steampunk and introduce the movement to visitors at several Dutch and international events.

What people mostly don’t know, is that The Steampunk Objective is also increadibly active in various children’s charities (Stichting Opkikker to name but one).

The participate in special days, and use their craft to give children with a grave and sometimes sadly even terminal illness the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous day out where they can forget about being ill.

But of course, to keep on doing this great thing, they need money to build new and better vehicles suited for this particular charity purpose.

If you think that what they’re doing is awesome too, and you can spare a buck (every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated), go to their fundraising page and donate.

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