Bookends Fall by Jody Ellen


Bookends Fall

Jody Ellen, previously of Abney Park fame, returns with a new full album “Bookends Fall”. On this follow up to the excellent “Skyscrapers and Helicopters” she proves that she can handle more genres, proving that she is an excellent vocalist and song smith in her own right.
If you liked her in Abney Park, and you like singer songwriter type songs and soulful singing, you should check out her new works.
Should you be expecting something along the lines of what she used to do with Abney Park, throw those expectations out of the nearest window, because comparing both is comparing oranges and grapefruits.

As already mentioned, this album mostly focusses on singer song writer style music, with the occasional rock and even spoken word track to add some, much appreciated, variety. It’s an album that focusses more on the power of emotion rather than on the raw power of rock and assorted genres, with, for the majority, songs that are made for really listening and sitting down to enjoy the music.
The country influences that were already present on her previous album are still there, but they’ve been more defined into what is steadily becoming a signature sound, which album by album is getting more and more clear.

Jody Ellen clearly shows she’s not afraid to experiment and to explore the range of her skill as well as new things full stop, which means that every album by her is a surprise as you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Other than good songs and skilled musical storytelling that is. If you’re looking for a more mature type of steampunk music, with more ballads and soul than Jody Ellen is definitely an artist worth checking out.

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