Event Announcement: Emporium Vernesque


Emporium Vernesque 3

Event: Emporium Vernesque
What: steampunk convention
When: November 8 2014
Where: Luxor Live, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Normally we don’t announce an event this far in advance, but with Emporium Vernesque we gladly make an exception.

Because of the popularity of the event last year, and the fact it sold out, it has now moved down the street from where it use to be held to Luxor Live in it’s entirety.

Be there for bands (The Men that will not be blamed for Nothing, Schwarzblut and Drachenflu), fashion with designers suchs as Somnia Romantica, Alskaer and Oh, Marisha!, tea duelling, workshops, (swap) market, lectures, gaming and much, MUCH more steampunk related fun!

Tickets are available already, and considering that it sold out last year, it’s best not to wait too long to get yours!

The convention really IS worthwhile but don’t just take my word for it right now, you can read the reviews of both past editions, you can find them here and here.

And as a little extra note: the organisation is still looking for vendors, so if you want to a great opportunity to sell your steampunk wares, drop a line on either of the following addresses: edith@emporiumvernesque.com or tessa@emporiumvernesque.com

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