Review: Avatar, The Legend of Korra, Book 2: Spirits


Legend of Korra 2

The second season of Legend of Korra returns with the characters we came to know so well in the first season, focussing, of course, on avatar Korra, who is now a master of all four elements.

But her friends, Mako, Bolin, Azami and others are of course also still present.

A whole new cast of characters is added to the show, we get more acquainted with the avatar’s family on the South Pole, but also that of air master Tenzin.

Whilst the focus is less on steam and diesel style technology, there is still plenty of it present in the series to keep it something that fits the ‘punk label.

Spirits is a great continuation of the series. The old characters have grown, its fun to see them interact with the additions to the cast and more importantly, the back story of the entire avatar concept is properly delved into, and a lot of questions that have originally been raised in Aang’s storyline (the original Avatar cartoon) are now being answered.

As the title already suggests, season 2 largely revolves around the spirit world, something that has always been quite present in the avatar universe, but rarely delved into very deeply.

It is thus wonderful to see it really featured in this season.

I would say it is necessary to have seen book one (Air) first, because else you will have missed a lot of back story and information you need to really understand all that is happening in Spirits. It is, however, not really necessary to have seen the first Avatar series, although of course it does help to have seen all of it.

Avatar remains one of the best cartoons available at the moment, and with the second season it has only improved on its storytelling, overall plot and characters, making it a great watch for everyone that loves cartoons.

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