Help Keep Dieselpunks Online

Dieselpunks front page
Dieselpunks front page

Every dieselpunk fan is probably familiar with Dieselpunks, the largest online dieselpunk community, founded by Tome Wilson and a partner website of The Gatehouse.

The community has existed for five years already and not only contains lively discussion and serves as a platform to bring dieselpunks from all over the world together; it is also, by now, an invaluable archive of dieselpunk articles, history, movies and music.

Dieselpunks need your help.

So far, it has been financed entirely by Tome and his team but the cost of covering the community’s hosting and music licensing fees is exceeding what they can pay to keep Dieselpunks online and alive.

To ensure the community’s survival, Tome has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

He writes, “Running a network like Dieselpunks legally with no advertising or corporate sponsors costs real money, and this fundraiser will ease the burden considerably.”

If every member of the community or every one of its Facebook fans donated just one dollar, it would cover the cost of keeping Dieselpunks online and Tome would have funds left over to expand the site into new territory.

I would love to move away from our current host and onto a larger, more flexible platform. Any funds I receive over the goal of $3,500 can help me make this dream come true.

Please, click here to learn more and consider making a donation. We must not let Dieselpunks fall!


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